About Us

Software Development & Technology Specialists

Bizsion has been a point of sale provider with a focus on building small business management solutions for nearly 15 years, securing a foothold in the point of sale industry. Our team of developers are focused on building intuitive software solutions for all of our clients, both current and prospective.

We specialize in the design and development of mobile, web-based and desktop POS software that is secure, reliable and user-friendly. As a point of sale vendor, we understand the user experience is as important as the benefits our software can provide to your business, making sure eHopper stays on the cutting edge of business management software.

Experts in Small Business Management Solutions

Simply put, we know small business. Every day, we work hand in hand with small business owners, bringing them the best in business management solutions. We enable small businesses to spend less time on regular business operations and more time on serving their customers. Together, this results in an increase in profit that we wish for all of our clients to attain.

As experts in the field of small business management software, Bizsion has found equal footing in providing their clients with the best in point of sale hardware. Integrating their software with acclaimed hardware from companies such as Samsung, PAX Technologies and Star Micronics, Bizsion is able to provide complete solutions tailored for each of their clients’ needs.

What can we do for you ?

Bizsion hosts a large and constantly updated Knowledge Base for all of their customers, as well as live support options for their Freedom customers. With eHopper, you will not have to worry about a small issue ruining your business day as we will get you back on track as soon as possible.

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